About Us (Old)

Ruketo was created to challenge the notion that we should accept our brains and bodies as they are. We believe in continuous improvement and the pursuit of high performance. 

We practice keto because it works. We are not always perfect about it (because what's the fun in that) and that's why we created Ruketo, so we can get back on track after a cheat weekend or a beer festival. 

We stand by science in the cannabidiol space and support high-quality evidence in human studies that tout the benefits of CBD as a supplement. We encourage you to explore the latest in this space for yourself. We think it speaks for itself. 

Speaking of...

Our exogenous ketones (BHB salts) and full spectrum hemp extract that make up Ruketo are of the cleanest and highest quality standards. We can back it up with certificates of analysis and solid lab reports. We don't cut corners and only put out products that we, ourselves, consume. 

We are a proud Brooklyn, NY company. That's our spirit. We are also bicoastal, often located in San Francisco, CA. Two of America's grandest cities!